Bar Tab at Phono Del Sol!

Date: 11 July 2014

The 4th Annual Phono Del Sol Music Festival brightens up San Francisco this weekend, and you’re going.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Wye Oak, Blackbird Blackbird, A Million Billion Dying Suns, and food trucks. So many food trucks.

Bar Tab will be fully enabled in the beer gardens, so you’ll be able to charge drinks on your WillCall tab ‘til your heart’s content. Day drinkers, rejoice and be merry. See you there.

$25 tickets HERE.

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Mid Year Review: Best of ‘14 (So Far)

Date: 7 July 2014


Sure, we’ve only made it to July but that doesn’t mean the first half of 2014 wasn’t a doozy of a humdinger, packed to the hilt with top notch tunes from bands like Future Islands, Black Keys, and Mogwai, as well as heavy hitting summer singles from hot tamales like Beyonce, FKA Twigs, and St. Vincent. To help you sort though the huge mix of killer tracks out there, we’ve asked around the WillCall office and come up with this snazzy stack of songs to give you an idea of what we’ve been groovin’ to since the year kicked off waaaay back in January (a million internet years ago).

Blast this on ya boom box:

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Fests on Fests on Fests

Date: 2 July 2014

Festival season is upon us like glaze on a donut and we’re ready to get sticky sweet with sweaty jams, outrageous outfits, food trucks, and the great outdoors. For those who wish to rave around the redwoods we have Northern Nights, daytrippers can get down with Monterey’s First City Festival, and we city folk can find solace at SF’s Phono Del Sol, right in the heart of Potrero Del Sol Park.

Big-ass blowout or intimate outdoor gathering, we’ve got your pick of festivals this summer and we’ve even got your pre-game playlists. Take a looksee + a listen below… 

Phono Del Sol
Though they may only have a 10 band lineup, being on the smaller side just makes this little fest all the more lovable. Taking up the whole of San Francisco’s Potrero Del Sol Park with two stages, a marketplace of hipster must-haves, and a beer garden, we recommend you start staking out your perfect viewing location ASAP. The all-day, all-ages fun is sponsored by The Bay Bridged and Tiny Telephone. Bonus! Bar Tab is fully enabled in the beer gardens, so you can skip the ATM lines. 

Snag tickets here!

Here’s who’s on:

Northern Nights
Held in a grove of redwoods, near the sparkling swimming holes of the Eel River, just off highway 101; this is the fest for your granola crunching, electro freak, sustainable living, partying types. Vegan and gluten-free food options, yoga and craft classes, stand up comedy and wellness workshops, plus a bevy of sexy beats and smoking DJ sets as you make s’mores? Sounds like the organic craft beer drinking, hammock lounging, biodegradable, booty shaking event of the summer. Bonus! A portion of the proceeds from ticket and beverage sales are donated to the Medocino and Humboldt School Districts, non-profits, and local environmental groups.

Snag tickets here!

Here’s who’s on:

First City Festival
Taking place in Monterey, California’s first official capital city, this weekend of music, food, and fresh ocean breezes will relax and revive the most jaded, faded city slicker. For amongst the picturesque coastal setting the historic grounds feature a full on carnival complete with free and unlimited rides and games so kickin’, so freaking cool, so crazy fun you might just forget to go see any of the bands play. Held on the same spot as The Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, (the pioneering three-day rock festival that introduced America to the wonders of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Ravi Shankar, and Janis Joplin) there are three stages, not to mention a Vaudeville variety stage, local craft beers, wine, and fancy food vendors. Bonus! You can dig through the vinyl record collections of collectors and dealers at The Beat Swap Meet.

Snag tickets here!

Here’s who’s on:

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This Week! Booka Shade, Bleached, STRFKR, & A Sold-Out Show We’ll Release Tickets to Really Soon…

Date: 26 June 2014

Summer is in full rage mode and we at WillCall have the tools to beat back the doldrums, escape the sun, and surrender to dance oblivion. Racking up shows on shows from the East to the West coast, we are spreading the love like fireflies in flight, fireworks in flames, and freaky-deaky twerk fests all over your face.

So whether you’re scrimping and saving every last minute of tan time or can barely handle the heat, this little playlist is chock full of talent to pull you up out of that hammock and onto the dance floor. Oh, and it also contains a hint — we’ll release tickets to a sold-out SF show soon. Shhhh……

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Come Watch The Universe Explode

Date: 23 June 2014


Though the universe may reach back about fourteen billion years, San Francisco’s A Million Billion Dying Suns (AMBDS), the transcendent project of guitarist-singer-songwriter Nate Mercereau, is but two years in existence. Not yet upon their September full-length debut, the band is already a blazing beacon for psych-revival, based on their guitar blowouts, searing fuzz, and spacey barrels through the void. While we countdown to the Phono Del Sol Festival featuring AMBDS, we caught up with Nate to see where he gets the fuel for his philosophical fodder and a thing for Blink-182.

Q. Whereabouts in San Francisco do you call home?

A. Different Fur Studios/Secret Studios/the Sunset

Q. Are you a native?

A. I am from Poway, CA. I moved to San Francisco in 2006 and did most of my life learning here. Still do.

Q. When you started out, what kind of music were you making?

A. Many different types. I played classical french horn in high school and college, wrote and recorded songs for multiple metal and hardcore bands. Had a couple joke bands mostly doing improvised noise. Played guitar in a swing band, had a jazz trio, it wasn’t very serious just having fun.

Q. First show you played in the city?

A. As AMBDS, The Showdown on 6th and Mission. First gig as a guitarist was at The Orchard Hotel with a jazz trio.  

Q. Tell us about a time you played a non-traditional venue…

A. Being from Poway, CA, there is a universal love and respect for Blink-182. So much so, that I played in a Blink-182 cover band for three years while they were broken up. We did a house show in an abandoned building next to a middle school and advertised it simply as Blink-182 House Show. Immediately got rolled by the cops. We left, came back two hours later, did the show, loved life.  

Q. Transcendental rock music, eh? Recount a transcendental experience.

A. Playing original music and improvising within that musical framework with your best friends is transcendental itself. Each time we play we’re creating sound vibrations that have never been heard or felt before. We each are feeding each other through this particular musical framework. This is not a unique thing, a lot of bands do this, the thing is to realize that what’s actually happening is amazing. The way we play is not strictly tied to the recordings. This freedom is what I consider truly transcendent about playing live music. Also mescaline.  

Q. Big on books? Summarize an inspiring concept from literature or philosophy.

A. There’s a book called
The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley. This book was huge for me because it takes various religions of the world and boils down their similar principles. It shows how they are all seeking the same thing: transcendence through the human condition. They all want to say in one way or another, that we will be OK. And no matter what you believe, you will be OK.  

Q. What do you dig about Pharaoh Sanders’ The Creator Has a Master Plan?

A. This is the ultimate transcendental jam. It’s a half hour of tribal rhythms, otherworldly sax playing and singing, giving it all up to whatever “the creator” is. The master plan will continue with or without you. This song concept is both humbling and inspiring at the same time. It is vague enough to relate to any faith or lack of faith. It’s a song of surrender and participation.   

Q. And lastly, if you had a Bay Bridge billboard for your upcoming full-length debut, what would it say?


Catch A Million Billion Dying Suns along with Wye Oak, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Nick Waterhouse, Blackbird Blackbird, White Fence, Yalls, Tony Molina, The Tambo Rays, and Bill Baird at the Phono Del Sol Festival Music Festival on July 12th!

Get tickets here!

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